May 18, 2004

new diversion

i was given a newton by a friend. i am now the owner of a messagepad 2100. it has a 4mb flash card in it and a 56k modem. i purchase a cable to connect my pc and mac to the device and then i'll load software on it. the hand writing recog is pretty amazing so far. it's large and bulky but the screen is large.

i think having a pda with a modem in it will be interesting. there's not always wif every where, despite what the tv would have you believe, and i'm going to try the various pop/imap clients. of course of ux50 and blackberry are quite better devices but i'll see how much i can use this device.

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May 13, 2004

work work work

work became pretty busy the later half of the day. we had a surge of work requests in the HelpDesk area and the router project continued to drag. our ERP system isn't the best and we're still tweaking it.

at home I hope to revive the grass this week with a ton of watering and care. i have to work on the security cams this weekend and mock up something for my new office layout.

the learning program at shule continues to be a work in progress. hopefully the rabbi will agree to our points and move things forward. attendance has been high and hopefully will continute to be decent.

van helsing wasn't amazing and wasn't horrible. i jumped a couple of times and the action was ok. folks i went with said it was ok and one said it was horrible. eh - i enjoyed the polish dog and the company.

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May 11, 2004


Long Horn 3d Graphics API. looks like longhorn has some very interesting features.

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m$ adds 3d support

WinHEC is off to a bang with M$ showsing off their 3d support in longhorn. this site has all the info

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they've come


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may day

still under the weather. laggy flu like symptoms hopefully a cup of theraflu and some apples will pick me up. i have random chores to finish up tonight and then tomorrow is going to be busy.

interesting chat today re: ups's

shayap: care to explain something to me
shayap: a Watt = Volt * A
shayap: but my UPS which says it's 1000VA, is rated at 600W
shayap: what's the diff?
sandtrip2: b.c it can't exceed VA
sandtrip2: basic ee
shayap: ?
shayap: 1000VA is 1000W
shayap: so what's the 600W
sandtrip2: but the 600w is b/c it can't exceed 1000VA
shayap: confused
sandtrip2: + flux
shayap: so it's 600W give or take 400W?
shayap: capacitor?
sandtrip2: Watts = Volts x Amps
shayap: yea
shayap: VA = Volt Amps
sandtrip2: get it?
shayap: so it's rated at 600W but can go up to 1000W?
sandtrip2: No
sandtrip2: 1 sec
sandtrip2: so 600W
sandtrip2: thats what it can do w/o melting
sandtrip2: but it can draw 1000VA
sandtrip2: olt-Amps = Volts (i.e. 120 VAC) * Amps (i.e. current draw). On AC
sources you have to multiply by the power factor because of the fact that
it's an AC sine wave source. Voltage and current aren't always in sync in an
AC load. That's why multiplying VA by square root of 2 (0.707) is a good
approximation of how much power you can draw from an UPS.
sandtrip2: sorry
sandtrip2: missed a v
shayap: ah
sandtrip2: you got it?
shayap: yea
sandtrip2: so 600W is whats called the pure resistive load
shayap: so why do they say 1000VA
shayap: why not just call it 600W
sandtrip2: because that's the actual draw
sandtrip2: b/c if you're doing the ee math you need to know the draw
sandtrip2: which is 1000VA
shayap: shrug
shayap: this is why I dropped physics
sandtrip2: heheheh
sandtrip2: i just learned EE theory and etc over the past two years really
sandtrip2: think about it this way
sandtrip2: the draw of the equip is always VA or Watts
sandtrip2: the watt is the rating of the actual power and the heat
sandtrip2: the VA is the wiring and circut
sandtrip2: so in UPS theory the Watt is always 60% of the published VA rating

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a view from the inside

a view from iraq

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May 10, 2004

there and back

i'm back on the west coast. flight back was ok, kinda squashed. next time i have to check if my seat is isle or window. did a fair amount of visiting at the wedding last night althought i had a massive headache and was fairly distracted as a result. came back to a quiet office. hopefully the house will be in one piece.

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May 05, 2004


enterprise was good. i enoyed the offsetting captains dueling. i'm almost packed for the east coast. just ties shoes and the electronics. debating on the laptop issue. most likely i'll take it just so i have something to do on the way home. batya's back in a week. i suppose i'll see some movies next week and hang out at work. boring. i should pack the rest of the suitcases and go to sleep now.

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May 04, 2004

going to nj

we're in nj this weekend for a wedding. fun fun - 5 hour flight.

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since molly had her accident two weeks ago i've had a lot of issues sleeping. i have nightmares and sudden waking periods during the night. recently the nightmares have started to become more vivid and involved. i hope this goes away. soon.

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May 03, 2004

back again

well. i'm back. the blog starts again. the prolonged silence was due to an overload of work and home work.

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