March 31, 2005


has anyone played with the newest version of panda anti virus?
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molly at party

here's molly at a recent party - lemons for sale!
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home map

check out for a way to create google maps of your own!

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March 02, 2005

Tefillin and Acupuncture

Shaya sent this my way via AIM

consider this and then read this

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Lat night I was playing with my daughter when she became upset that
there was a gouge in one of her toy's plastic parts.

The toy was now ruined in her mind - the very small flaw became the
entire focal point in the toy.

Today at work while in my daily status meeting with the engineering
team a particular employee made a passing comment about the project
being discussed. My entire morning has been consumed with this
comment. 10 words have negated all productivity in the day.

While pondering a picture of my son and daughter I have at work the
connection between the imperfection in my daughter's toy and the
comment in the meeting because clear. I should be an example. I put
the comment into perspective and moved on with the day.

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