August 28, 2003


i'm off to texas for the family event. the greif bat mitzvah. should be a lot of fun. sunday is a red carpet afair so we'll see what that's like.

my week of batchelorhood comes to an end today. i saw "pirates of the c: curse of the black pearl" and "SWAT" last night. Both were good tho "SWAT" disappointed at times with contrite conversation and at times sterotypical situations. "Pirates" was great. Johnny Depp was amazing. He really made the movie.

i hear it's a 115 in texas.

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August 27, 2003


At 05:51 a.m. EDT, Mars passed just 34.65 million miles from Earth, making it the closest such encounter since the Stone Age.

Boy was it bright!

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August 26, 2003

pervs outted

So what happens when people lure pedophiles giving out their pictures and info? Perverted Justice, a group effort of people chatting online pretending to be children, is slamming hundreds of would be child predators and releasing any information they can get online.

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August 25, 2003


Neil Armstrong.
From Blogjam:

1969, Neil Armstrong made history by becoming the first man to walk on the moon, uttering the immortal phrase, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Or did he? Previously suppressed footage discovered by blogjam shows that Armstrong's reaction was a great deal more uninhibited than history suggests, and that a hasty editing job was needed to prepare the astronaut's moment of glory for broadcast.

So here, for the first time, is the unedited NASA film from the triumphant Apollo 11 mission.

This is all from the Onion = link

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weekend report

this weekend was stu and lynn's wedding in LA. The wedding was a ton of fun with quite a few people from NYC and other locations flying in. Josh, Shaun, and Doni stayed at my place. It was GREAT!

Thursday PM Jon, Doni, myself and Yariv went out for dinner and then came back to the house to meet Shaun and Josh who had just flown in.

We all went out to the Daily Pint for Stu's last fling. We got things rolling at around 9 when we took off in the rented minivan to the bar. We had two options for Bar's and actualyl chose one of them but by mistake drove to the wrong bar. We turned around and made it there in one piece. There were around 13 people who showed up and there was a ton of drinking. We played pool, talked and drank. I think the 5 kamakzie shots put us all over the edge after so much beer but hey it was for a good cause.

Friday we woke up late and went out to Vennice, did some errands, cooked a bit of food and then got ready for dinner. We had dinner with Shimon, Jon, Howie, Mor, Yoni, Sarah Channa, and a couple from across the hall from Yoni. Sarah Channa cooked up a storm!.

Saturday PM we all woke up late. I davned at home and then we made kiddush, had scotch and fish around 11 AM.

Shabbos lunch was at my house with Jon, Josh, Doni and myself. It was quiet until we started singing and then we sung just about everything in the book. My neighbors commented that it really enhanced their enjoyment of the Sabath. Saturday PM was spent playing spades, chess and drinking beer.

Saturday night we drove up into the hills of LA, drove around, caused a rucus, and went out for sushi at 1 AM. We had six free rounds of sake since I put up a fight with the owner to get 15 people seated and got our order in for sushi even after the sushi bar had closed. Bill was around $250 which wasn't bad.

Then the wedding on Sunday and that closed up the weekend. Doni has picts so I'll post those a bit later.

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ns on the future

Neal Stephenson in Wired
Interesting, but frustratingly brief interview with Neal Stephenson in this month's Wired:

For the most part, Snow Crash turned out to be a failed prediction. People have shown limited interest in immersive 3-D technology, so I think it worked better as a novel than as a prognostication. But it provided a reasonable, coherent picture of a particular kind of entertainment technology. That sort of vision is valuable to engineers. Because of the way institutions work, an engineer ends up working on one part of a system but doesn't get to stand back and see the big picture. When engineering types speak highly of some science fiction writer, usually it's not because that person predicted the future. Rather, it's because he or she put together disparate ideas into a coherent vision that could be used as a road map by the people who are actually deploying such a technology.

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the very first time

thanks to shaya for building mt - apt-get? - now i've got a blog box

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